Chlorinated polyethylene is widely used in PVC extrusion and injection molding products, including profiles, pipes, sheets and fittings. The addition of a small amount can greatly enhance the impact resistance of rigid PVC and improve its processing fluidity. In addition, due to its good chemical resistance, outstanding low-temperature performance, high filling capacity, excellent weather resistance and remarkable compatibility, CPE used in a wider range of formulation systems.

1Chlorine contentwt%32±135±135±1
2Shore hardnessShore A≤60≤57≤57
3Tensile strength MPa≥8.0≥8.5≥8.5
4Elongation at break%≥800≥800≥800
5ApplicationFR-ABS,Flexible PVC FR-ABS,Flexible PVC PE film   FR-ABS,Flexible PVC PE film