Due to its outstanding heat resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, low permanent set, long durability, excellent processing performance and ideal cost-effectiveness, our rubber widely used in extrusion, molding and sheet products. The main applications are shown below:

  • Widely used in the protective sheathing for home appliance cables, mining cables, marine cables, wind power cables, etc. due to its excellent flame retardancy, heat resistance and weather resistance.
  • Has excellent heat resistance, oil resistance, flexing resistance and flame retardancy. The performance of liquid conveying hoses and oil and gas conveying hoses made of our rubber is superior to that of other synthetic rubber, especially for pressure-bearing liquid conveying hoses.
  • Also has excellent heat resistance, ozone resistance, atmospheric aging resistance, cold resistance, flame retardancy and flex resistance. Therefore, it is also used to produce flame retardant conveyor belts, heat-resistant conveyor belts and ordinary conveyor belts. Our company rubber will greatly extend the service life of the conveyor belts.
  • Has high filling capacity for ferrite magnetic powder. Magnetic components made of rubber are widely used in computers, automobiles, home appliances, motors and other fields due to their precision, softness and good low temperature performance.
  • Because of the above mentioned advantages, ouyr rubber is also made into rubber parts with special requirements for various uses, such as automobiles, ships, and locomotives.